What Students & Educators Have to Say

"We listen to each other, and care about our feelings and emotions."“I am writing to recommend Leisha Zamecnik as an outstanding resource and facilitator. She succeeded in bringing a diverse group together, engaging them in common activities and reflection and motivating them to carry on the message of the day in their own school communities.”

“The facilitator was confident and knew what she was doing. She was collaborative and listened to others opinions in the group.”

“Leisha was AMAZING! She was bubbly, kind and I can tell she really enjoys and is dedicated to what she does”

“It was great! Lots of energy and we learned without realizing it”

“Leisha’s enthusiastic attitude allowed students to reflect on their own strengths and abilities to do what they loved and let their passion lead the way. I found the content a great way to further the student’s thinking, as well as to instill a sense of confidence and optimism in the students that participated.”