Student Leadership & Student Voice

Projects in this category work to equip students and staff with the knowledge and
confidence to show leadership within their school and broader communities

  • Increase understanding and use of student engagement and consultation
    processes to improve the alignment of student leaders and the priorities of
    the larger student body
  • Create an organized and cohesive vision of leadership through a visioning
    process, and targeted goal-setting exercises
  • To address barriers to leadership by exploring our assumptions and
    doubts as leaders and practical skills to address them and move forward.
  • Support for staff that lead student councils or support elected student
  • Targeted team-building exercises which promote positive team dynamics
  • Enhance the sense of ownership and personal responsibility for the school
    community as leaders
  • Recognize the unique strengths and talents that each individual
    possesses, and the collective leadership capacity of the group
  • Learn and practice communication and conflict resolution skills students/
    staff can use to optimize their team interaction
  • Retreats which provide an opportunity for reflection or contemplation on
    the next chapter
  • Customized sessions on the unique needs of student leaders’ well-being,
    such as themes related to perfectionism, anxiety, and stress.
  • Creation and implementation of customized training for student mentors