Young people who are ready and willing to intervene in their classrooms, online spaces, social circles and beyond.


A school climate that promotes safety, empathy and active engagement from the ground up.


Create an environment that leverages the strengths of schools and students to support academic achievement.

Who We Are

Common Compass provides comprehensive, evidence-informed programs for students that promote helping behaviour and positive actions, using proven principles that have been successful in leading young people to do good.

We know that apathy, bullying, discrimination, and the lack of soft skills to interact effectively with others are barriers to academic achievement and school success. We can help.

Our Focus

  • Safe Schools
  • Social Emotional Learning & Well-being
  • Character & Leadership Education
  • Diversity & Equity Education
  • Retreats
  • Service Learning Preparation
  • Social Justice
  • Specialist High Skills Major Certification
  • Mental Health
Students painting a mural