For Parents

Parent workshops are a key program offering at Common Compass and we would be delighted to collaborate with your school council. We are unique in that all of our workshops are delivered by mental health professionals, and are tailored to the unique concerns and interests of your parent community. Many schools have successfully utilized the Pro-Grant to cover the cost of the parent workshop.

We design and facilitate evidence-based, customized training and workshops and have been doing this across 8 school boards for the better part of a decade.

Our workshops can be delivered in person, or virtually, depending on the preference of your community. The content is usually 90 minutes in length, and designed for parents to gain practical skills that they can begin using at home with their child or teen right away. The workshops are delivered by 2 mental health professionals on a topic related to mental health of your choice. Common topics include:

Supporting your Child/Teen Through Stress & Anxiety
The Impact of Racism on Mental Health: How Parents Can Take Action
Enhancing Self Esteem
Healthy Social Media Habits
Your Teen and Sleep Hygiene
Supporting Your Teen/ Pre-Teen’s Peer Relationships
Supporting Your Child Through Transitions (To Highschool, To Post-secondary)
Learning to Self-Regulate and Manage Emotions as a Parent