Our Approach


Common Compass programs are evidence informed. They are based on research in psychology, social work and education which identify the key contributors of pro-social behaviour.

Self-Others-Skills Model

An Overview of Our Approach

What is pro-social behaviour? Actions that are purposely undertaken to assist others.

  • Young people that display pro-social behaviour often are more accepted by their peers (Gulay, 2011).
  • Targeting the increase of pro-social behaviour, young people increase helping behaviour and also decrease both physical and verbal aggression (Caprara, 2014).
  • Pro-social behaviour can act as a protective factor for young people who are victimized by their peers, and a protective factor for loneliness (Griese & Buhs, 2014).
  • Young people who act pro-socially are more likely to show positive self concepts (Laible & Carlo, 2004)

For more on our evidence-informed approach, check out our white paper – coming soon!