Academic Achievement (time management, procrastination, etc.).

Research shows a strong connection between student well-being and academic
achievement. Projects in this category focus on:

  • Supporting students with skills and strategies to promote well-being which
    will impact academic performance, including addressing common
    challenges such as time management and procrastination.
  • Coaching teaching staff to enhance understanding of the connection
    between well-being and achievement and how they can impact this
  • Providing support to parents on how they can positively support their
    adolescent children.

Specially designed workshops focus on how parents can positively support their
adolescent children. We help parents:

  • to understand emotions and emotional regulation in early adolescence.
  • to find tools and tips for supporting their pre-teen children.
  • to recognize warning signs to trigger when additional support is needed.
  • how to create a sense of safety for students when talking about
    challenging issues.