Corporate/ Org Mental Health Training

Transformational Workplace Training: Mental Health & Wellbeing

There is strong evidence which shows that employee mental health and wellbeing are connected with:

  • Greater Productivity
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Greater Productivity
  • Enhanced Performance

Common Compass offers evidence informed training which focus on they key drivers of employee mental health and wellbeing. All sessions are delivered by mental health professionals who are skilled facilitators.

    Our training is designed to develop skills right within the session, so that participants can get to work enhancing workplace wellbeing, and enhancing their own mental health at the same time.
    Gone are the days of boring training. Participants are actively engaged through various learning styles. Expect to have fun and to come out feeling more connected to your team with enhanced confidence for personal and organizational wellbeing.

    We know that every organization has a unique culture, and it’s own strengths and challenges. Instead of dishing out cookie-cutter programs, we utilize focus groups and surveys to truly get to know your group, the barriers they are encountering when it comes to wellbeing, and customize the training content accordingly.

    When you book a training with us, you automatically subsidize mental health programming in local schools, giving crucial supports to students and educators. You can boast to your employees and clients/ customers that you are doing your part to support school mental health! Bonus: Research shows that when employees know their employer is giving back to the community, it influences their engagement and loyalty to the organization. Same goes for customers!


Training Topics:

  • Addressing Burnout
  • Identifying Mental Health Challenges in Your Team & Tips for Intervening
  • Resilience: Bounce Back & Learn from Failure
  • Understanding Emotions & Developing Coping Strategies
  • Developing a Culture of Inclusion
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Investment: $4000 which includes:

  • 2 Hour, Hands on Training Session for up to 30 participants
  • Support of school mental health programming at a local school built in

Option to add 1 hour focus group or survey for customization of content: $1000

Addressing Burnout

Toxic pattens of burnout can develop within organizations and are increasingly common. This interactive session outlines how to set healthy boundaries and understanding what gets in the way, how to recover from burnout and recreate healthier patterns.

Identifying Mental Health Challenges in Your Team & Tips for Intervening

Knowing the difference between someone being anxious or feeling low for a few days vs. when to be more concerned about a team member can be difficult. This training will help team members and managers alike to identify the difference and how and when to best intervene.

Resilience: Bounce Back & Learn from Failure

Failure is a key aspect of learning and growth, and yet why do so many of us get ‘stuck’ in it? This training will help redefine failure to use it as fuel to bounce back stronger and become more effective.

Understanding Emotions & Developing Coping Strategies

Emotions, for many, are elusive experiences that feel cumbersome and impede productivity and team dynamics. But what if we could understand emotions and use them to our benefit? This training will focus on understanding the utility of emotions and develop practical, evidence-based coping strategies to deal with heightened emotions and stress.

Developing a Culture of Inclusion

Many organizations have showcased an outward commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, but often struggle with how to integrate this approach into everyday interactions and organizational operations. This training focuses on awareness of social location, and how our own lived experiences impact our perspectives and interactions with team members and clients alike. Participants will come out with an increased confidence in how they can support those around them through meaningful allyship and contribute to interactions and systems which practically enhance DEI.

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