Mental Health, Coping Skills & Self Esteem

Projects in this category more overtly focus on actively developing and practicing
evidence-based skills that promote mental well-being. Participants learn skills and
strategies to support their emotional regulation and the ability to cope with stress
and anxiety. Some of the skills and strategies covered include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) based strategies help support
    participants in understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings,
    and behavior’s.
  • Mindfulness exercises which coach participants to help them stay in the
    present moment rather than be caught up in anxious thoughts about the
    future or thoughts about the past
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Exercises focused on the development of self-compassion
    Enhance the ability of participants to get appropriate support for mental
    health challenges
  • Provide parents and educators practical tools for how to best support their
    children during stressful periods and increase their awareness of warning
    signs where students may need additional support
  • The strengthening of self esteem through:
  • The development of perspective-taking skills
  • Understanding that each individual has unique strengths and
    talents that are complimentary to others
  • Understanding that jealousy is a form of insecurity and how to
    overcome this dynamic to create more positive peer interactions

Projects in this category often utilize our Student Mental Health certification, which
empowers students to:

  • Recognize mental health challenges in self and peers and the mental
    health continuum
  • Gain practical skills they can utilize to reach out to peers experiencing
    mental health challenges,
  • Know how and when to reach out to adult allies sooner.
  • Learn and practice the fundamentals of emotions and positive coping
  • Understand the connection between substance use, abuse, and mental

We also offer Parent Workshops to help empower parents with information on
what to watch for around mental health concerns and strategies to support teens.