Register for Two Upcoming Parent Workshop

Parent Strategies to Encourage Healthy Teen Social Media Use: Register here for Wednesday, June 15th, 2022 7-8PM

  • This workshop will focus on what research tells us about how teens are effected by social media
  • Learn how to best support your teen with their social media usage when it takes up a huge part of our lives
  • Learn how parents and/or caregivers, can help teen establish healthy social media habits
  • Learn how to help your teen who may struggle with self-esteem, body image, and/or self-confidence
  • This workshop will focus on how to spot signs of low self-esteem, and teach you how to help rebuild their sense of self

Who is Facilitator and Common Compass Founder: Leisha Zamecnik?

  • A mental health and social well-being facilitator, program designer and clinician with 15 years of experience  engaging young people and youth-serving professionals
  • Mental health clinician and manager who has led multi-agency partnerships and region-wide youth prevention programs
  • Over past 7 years has worked across 8 school boards, with more than 6000 students, parents and educators
  • Master’s degree in Social Work (University of Toronto), specializing in Children and Their Families, a Bachelor of Art & Science, and Certificate in Leadership (Psychology & Biology, University of Guelph), and has earned several awards for her work


“I am writing to recommend Leisha Zamecnik as an outstanding resource and facilitator. She succeeded in bringing a diverse group together, engaging them in common activities and reflection and motivating them”

“The facilitator was confident and knew what she was doing. She was collaborative and listened”

“Leisha was AMAZING! She was bubbly, kind and I can tell she really enjoys and is dedicated to what she does”

“It was great! Lots of energy and we learned without realizing it”